Saturday, September 08, 2012

Walking for the Children of Syria

Today, Saturday, September 8, 2012, concerned Americans throughout the United States will be walking for the children of Syria. Cities where the organized walks will take place include Atlanta, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Charleston, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Sacramento, San Diego, Tempe, Washington, DC and Wichita.

Syrian children have borne the brunt of dictator Bashar Assad’s brutality more than any other segment of the population since the genocidal crackdown began 16 months ago. Close to 2,000 children have already perished. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) is steadily gaining ground against government troops but the cost continues to be high. France, more than any other Western powers, is helping FSA with funds and supplies. Although Zero Hour is approaching for Bashar Assad, Syrians, particularly Syrian children, are in dire need of help from conscientious people everywhere.

The Walk for Children of Syria organization is raising funds for the most vulnerable victims of Bashar Assad. Locally, in Northern California today, we will be walking across the fabled Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, from 11 am – 2 pm.

All proceeds will go to UNICEF for immediate distribution within Syria.

The life-and-death question is: "When will the carnage in Syria end?" While Syrians flee in thousands to neighboring countries like Turkey and Jordan, orphans have become the most heart-breaking symbol of the genocide wrought by Assad. The least we Americans can do is to join the walk for the children of Syria if it is taking place in or near our respective cities.

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