Friday, January 28, 2011

In Solidarity with the Egyptian Anger Revolution

American-Egyptians in the San Francisco Bay Area, supported by all the local Islamic organizations, have planned a protest march in San Francisco on Saturday, 29th January, at the corner of Market and Montgomery, at 12 noon.

“We are all united behind Egyptians defying curfews and protesting the oppressive and illegitimate regime of Hosni Mubarak,” said a Silicon Valley engineer who migrated to the U.S from Alexandria a decade ago. “The Pharaoh must go.”

“I am so proud to see my countrymen finally throwing away their fear and taking on this brutal police state. For 30 years, Mubarak has kept us hostage. The poor have no food. The middle class is not doing any better. There is no peace for anyone. This must end,” said an Egyptian businessman from San Jose, who wishes he were in Tahir Square, Cairo, right now.

Anwar, who has been in the U.S. for 25 years, is delirious with joy at what is taking place in Egypt. But he isn’t sure the military will desert Mubarak anytime soon, since he is one of them. “We haven’t reached the tipping point yet,” he said, “but this revolution will not fizzle. Egyptians have suffered for too long. Freedom will come soon, God willing.”

Egypt has taken a cue from Tunisia. Just as the Tunisian president Ben Ali was forced to flee Tunisia after Tunisian youth rose in revolt, they want the same fate for Mubarak.

Egyptians are calling on all freedom-loving people, including Americans from all walks of life, to join them in protesting the tyrannical government of Hosni Mubarak on Saturday in San Francisco. The Arabic words in the poster they are circulating for the Saturday March read, from the top, Ash Shabu (The People), Yuridu (Want), Isqatan Nizam (The Fall of the Government).

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