Friday, November 05, 2010

Put Keith Olbermann Back Where He Belongs

MSNBC's suspension of the outspoken TV anchor Keith Olbermann is outrageous. The leading liberal voice of his time is the surest antidote to the toxic fumes that emanate nonstop from FOX and other right wing outlets.

What did Olbermann do to deserve this insult? He contributed a grand total of $2,400 to the campaigns of Representatives Rauj M. Grivalva and Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and Attorney General Jack Conway of Kentucky!

For this sin, a sane voice has been stilled, at least for now.

MSNBC and its parent NBC News are answerable to NBC Universal. That's the problem with these corporations. The pompous idiots at the top think they know what's best for viewers, even though their only concern is money and profit. They will grab any chance to prove their moral superiority only because there is none. By suspending Olbermann they are trying to make the point that, for them, principles trump everything else. And what is the great principle they are trying to protect? That since a TV anchor's vision will be clouded if he we were to make political contributions, they must act as TV's virtuous gatekeepers. What anachronism! By the way, has anyone taught these geniuses the difference between causation and correlation?

All these honchos are now waiting for is a round of applause from coast to coast for their sanctimony.

Well, not only will no applause be forthcoming, these beacons of self-righteousness should brace for boos from every clear-thinking person in the country. The least they can do to salvage some honor from the situation is to immediately reinstate Keith Olbermann.

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